Ellen Dunne - The Lost Son

„Tautly plotted and crackling with dramatic tension, it kept me hooked till I got to the last page.“

Vineetha Mokkil, author of the collection, A „Happy Place and Other Stories“ (HarperCollins)

What if your life’s story turned out to be written by someone else?

Tarek Waldmann, ghostwriter and emotional drifter, finds himself once again yearning to escape the confines of his precarious freelance life and withering relationship. When widowed Helga Wolff asks him to write up her memoir, he leaps at the opportunity and flies out to meet her in Vienna, the city he grew up in and home to his adoptive parents.

There, he not only reconnects with his aging parents, but also with Valerie, his now-married childhood sweetheart. Helga’s headstrong, charismatic personality and intriguing stories captivate Tarek, but as her biography takes a tragic turn, questions he believed were already answered start to stir. And these questions seem to increasingly unsettle his parents . Soon he suspects that Helga sought him out for a reason. When she finally confronts him with the full truth of her past, her story both re-writes a defining chapter of Tarek’s life and opens a new, potentially fatal one.