Cigarette Break – A Short Belfast Story

Greetings. I am happy to present you Ellen Dunne’s first ever piece of fiction written in English.

This short story is based on my first novel, WIE DU MIR (German for: Tit for Tat), which was published in 2011. The novel is set in early 90s Belfast and tells the story of IRA member Dally Ferguson who spares the life of his target, policeman Will McCrea. But during the very same botched assassination, Will’s young wife tragically dies, leaving Will reeling with pain and anger. He asks his secret police friend Hugh to do whatever it takes to bring Dally, the alleged killer of his wife, to justice. His call for revenge sets off events that quickly escalate beyond Will’s control, ending in a man-hunt with catastrophic consequences.

„Cigarette Break“ is kind of a prologue to the novel.

This was written by myself, with the invaluable and much appreciated help of my friend, editor and writer extraordinaire, Stephen Flanagan.

Now I will shut up, and you can start reading by clicking this link . You can also go to the German Version.